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"the birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author" - Roland Barthes 1977

Fle3 development is coordinated by the Learning Environments for Progressive Inquiry research group (FLE team) of the UIAH Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki. We work in a close cooperation with Center for Research on Networked Learning and Knowledge Building, Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki.

General questions of Fle3 research and development:
Teemu Leinonen
Email: teemu.leinonen@uiah.fi
Tel. +358 50 351 67 96
How to find us.

Questions about software development and technology:
Tarmo Toikkanen
Email: tarmo.toikkanen@uiah.fi

Past and current members of the Future Learning Environment Research and Development Team of UIAH Media Lab

  • Philip Dean
  • Bo Granlund
  • Ilkka Kekkonen
  • Giedre Kligyte
  • Pietari Laurila
  • Teemu Leinonen
  • Samu Mielonen
  • Lauri Mäkelä
  • Janne Pietarila
  • Asta Raami
  • Tarmo Toikkanen
  • Kimmo Wideroos

Pedagogical ideas, design and cooperation

  • Kai Hakkarainen
  • Minna Lakkala
  • Jiri Lallimo
  • Hanni Muukkonen
  • Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen
  • Teachers from city of Helsinki, Rome, Salerno, Athens and Amsterdam


  • Andrea Botero Cabrera (Spanish translation)
  • Sandra Botero Cabrera (Spanish translation)
  • Dorian Soru (Italian translation)
  • Artur Goulart (Portuguese translation)
  • Steve Giraud (French translation)
  • Georg Pleger, Nima Mazloumi (German translation)
  • Maurice van Liempd (Dutch translation)
  • Rune Baggetun (Norwegian translation)
  • Erick Rezende (Brazilian Portuguese translation)
  • Mart Laanpere, Hans P§ldoja (Estonian translation)
  • Orla Duedahl (Danish translation)
  • Andrzej Gˇralczyk (Polish translation)
  • Arthur Chan (Chinese translation)
  • Jan B. Krejci (jbk) (Czech translation)
  • Attila F§z§ (Hungarian translation)
  • Sotiria Laina (Greek translation)
  • Radoslav Sopko (Slovak translation)
  • Richard Ask (Swedish translation)

Other contributors

  • Ulrich Agricola (improved graphics for Webtop tab, feedback)
  • Geoff Fellows (fixes for Fle3 running on FreeBSD and Zope/Apache combination.)
  • Heimo Laukkanen (instructions for running Fle3 with Apache)

There have been a number of other people who have contributed to the development of Fle3, reporting bugs, writing User Stories and giving comments. Thank you all!