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1.2.2011: The demo content has been disabled.

You may try Fle3 1.5 in our demo server. The "demo" user's role is a "student user" and so she has only the student's rights. For this reason "course administration" and "user administration" modules are not available. If you want to test these modules as well (staff/teacher), please drop us an email (teemu.leinonen@uiah.fi.)

Server: http://fle3.uiah.fi/demo/
Username: demo
Password: demo

The teachers announcement blogs of the two demo courses are visible at:

Crafts and design
Our environment 1.5

Please do not change the demo user's user interface language from English to some other language. Note that other people may also use the demo user name simultaneously with you and change things in the user interface. This may cause confusion. When you create new items (folders, documents, links etc.) to the WebTop or any of the folders, please delete them before leaving Fle3.

Please, send your comments of your demo experience to teemu.leinonen@uiah.fi.