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Fle3 is server software. This means that to use Fle3 one must install Fle3 software to a server in a network. The network used can be the "public internet" or local area network or Intranet using Internet protocol. This way Fle3 can be installed at classroom (teacher's computer), school, school district, national or international level depending on what kind of learning projects it will be used for. After setting up Fle3 server teachers and students may use it with a standard web browser (Netscape, Opera, Explorer, Mozilla, Konqueror, Nokia Communicator etc).

Download and Install Python, Python Imaging Library and Zope

Fle3 is a Zope product, so you need to get Zope (version 2.6-2.8.x) (which requires Python (version 2.3.x), so if your version of Zope does not come with Python you have to install Python as well). If you are going to use Jamming tool in Fle3, it is strongly recommended that you install Python Imaging Library as well.

The Fle3 download package contains additional installation instructions. Take a look at the "docs" folder inside the archive.

Download and Install Fle3 (1.5.0)

After having Python and Zope in your computer, installing Fle3 is easy to carry out, just read the installation instructions below, they tell you which package to download and what to do with it.

Note for Debian users: You can add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list to make Fle3 aptable:
deb http://fle3.uiah.fi/download/debian ./

Installing Fle3 (1.5.0)File

When everything is in the right place in your computer (Zope and Fle3) and you are able to start up your Zope server, the document explaining how to create Fle3 instance inside Zope from the Zope web management view can be very useful.

Older versions of Fle3 are still available in the download directory.

Download and Import Knowledge Type sets into your Fle3

You may download Knowledge Type sets and import them to your own Fle3 installation. If you have made a new knowledge type set or translated one of the existing ones, please export it and send it to us.

Knowledge Type SetLanguageVersionArchiveDateAuthor
English (en)(included in Fle3)
English (en)(included in Fle3)