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The development of Fle3 takes place on Savannah maintained by the Free Software Foundation. Visit Fle3 on Savannah.

Test, Find and Report Bugs

You don't have to be a programmer to get involved in the development of Fle3. First of all you can do testing and report bugs (=errors in the software). If you find a bug in Fle3, please report it to our bug collector.

Translate User Interface, Knowledge Type Sets and Documents

You can translate the user interface, user manuals and knowledge type sets to your own language. For translating Fle3 we have a simple how to translate document. We currently have translations for Finnish, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Netherlands, Italian, Lithuanian and German, but more are welcome.

Write Documentation, Study Reports and User Stories

You can also write many kinds of documentation, maintain web sites about Fle3, study the usability of Fle3, or do pedagogical research on the use of Fle3 in different educational settings.

The design of Fle3 is based on user stories written in cooperation with pedagogical researchers and teachers. From these stories you will get an idea of Fle3's upcoming features. Feel free to contribute your user stories or general feature requests by email to Mr Teemu Leinonen teemu.leinonen@uiah.fi.

Write Code

If you are a software developer (or becoming one) you can have a look our collection of UML diagrams to get an overview of the structure and design of the system.

You can also browse the code at our web-based SVN repository or you can download the source from anonymous SVN with a command like this (or by using your favourite SVN client and giving it the same URL):

svn checkout http://fledev.uiah.fi/svn/legroup/FLE/trunk FLE

If you make changes to the source code we appreciate all patches you may want to send us. You can send patches to our patch manager.

Send your technical ideas, comments and translations to Mr Tarmo Toikkanen tarmo.toikkanen@taik.fi.