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  • Learning with Collaborative Software - A guide to Fle3 [PDF: File size: 684 KB]
  • Imparare con il Software Collaborativo - Guida di Fle3 [PDF: File size: 792 KB]

    Fle3 User Manual

    Currently there is a version of the user manual in English, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Italian and Hungarian. Feel free to translate it to other languages too. We'd higly appreciate you sending us the URL to the manul, so we can link to it.

    How do I use Fle3 in my study course?

    We have a brief teacher's manual which explain the pedagogical basis of Fle3. The manual is available in English, Spanish and Dutch.


    Documents for installing Fle3 are available in the download page.

    We have a simple document explaining how to create Fle3 instance inside Zope from the Zope web management view. This document is helpful when your Zope is already running. Number of documents on how to set-up Zope server are availabe in the Zope web site.

    UML Diagrams

    For software developers we've assembled a collection of UML diagrams to provide an overview of the structure and design of the system.

    For more information on the UML model, please contact Mr Tarmo Toikkanen (tarmo.toikkanen@uiah.fi).

    How to Translate Fle3

    For people interested in translating the user interface we have brief instructions.

    User Stories

    The design of Fle3 is based on user stories. The stories give an idea of Fle3's upcoming features.