How to translate Fle3 user interface

You can add a new language (in this example French) to Fle3 by completing the following steps.

1. Find the vocabulary file

If you have already downloaded Fle3 it is easy to locate the vocabulary file from the Fle3 folder under Zope (lib/python/Products/FLE) as file

If you don't want to download Fle3 to your computer you can simply visit the following URL and download the latest version of the vocabulary file.

Dowload the newest version and save the file somewhere convenient.

You can have a look at the translations to other languages.

You will find other languages (vocabulary_*.py) at the end of the page.

2. Make a copy of the vocabulary file

In *nix systems simply:

   $ cp

In other systems swing your mouse and give a new name for your file.

Name the copied file by adding the two letter language code to the file name.

fr in the example is the two character country code for French.

We are using two letter language codes from ISO 639:

If you wish you may also give a language code, followed by optional two letter country code from ISO 3166:

Eg. in a case of Brazilian Portuguese the name of the file should be:

3. Make the translations to the new file (

When editing the vocabulary file use some simple text editor which is saving plain text and understands unicode. Please, do not use word processor but some text editor. e.g. in Windows you can use NotePad.

The vocabulary file contains python dictionaries which you should edit.

common = {
    'language_name': ('English', 'Name of this language'),
    'WebTop': ('WebTop','Main tab for webtop'),
    'Knowledge_Building': ('Knowledge Building','Main tab for knowledge building'),
    'Course_Management': ('Course Management','Main tab for course management'),



First element ('language_name', 'WebTop', 'Knowledge_Building', etc.) is an translation attribute.
Don't touch it.

Second element ('English', 'WebTop', 'Knowledge Building', etc.) is the word to be translated.
Translate it.

Third element ('Name of this language', 'Main tab for knowledge building') is a helper text giving some idea where the word is used in the user interface.
Don't touch it.

Translate all second elements in the file.

If you do NOT run your own loca Fle3, you can now jump straight to the step 6. (= send us the new translation file).

4. Start your web browser and go to your Fle3 installation (http://yourserver/path_to_your_fle)

Press the link in the Zope - Fle3 administration user interface's Tools tab saying "reload translations".

Or launch the following url:


It does not give any feedback.

5. Check your user information in the Fle3 system

You should now have a new language option (French) in the language menu of the edit user information view.

6. Send us the new translation file - thank you! ;)

We will include your translation to the next release of Fle3.

Ilkka Kekkonen

Teemu Leinonen