PILOT - Progressive Inquiry Learning Object Templates

In most cases digital learning objects are used for individual learning (reading, looking, playing, quizzes) or by teachers in their class-room or online teaching (presentations). In PILOT-project we are argue that learning objects should be designed and presented in a special way in order to promote truly social constructivist learning. The project is based on the concept of progressive inquiry learning object templates (PILOT's). These learning objects support progressive inquiry knowledge building process in computer and database supported Knowledge Building environments, found for instance in Fle3 and IVA virtual learning environments. Design research methods such as participatory design and scenario-based design will be used in the project to generate first distributable and reusable PILOT's for science education. The developed learning objects will be tested and evaluated within schools, teachers and their pupils. The project will be done in a close operation with the existing learning technology standard development, which are important in the context of PILOT's, especially IMS Learning Design Specification.

Current outcomes

Project team