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Fle3 has a long history. To know more about the pedagogical research and concept design related to Fle3 development, to get a grasp of where we are going with the current generation, or to find earlier prototype versions of the Fle3 visit the following web sites:

FLE project in 1998-1999

Fle2 NordUnet project 2000 - 2001

ITCOLE - EU project 2001 -2003

EURO CSCL web site

The research and development work at the Centre for Applied Cognitive Science at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto has influenced greatly our thinking. Maybe you want to check their two projects:

CSILE project

Knowledge Forum

There are several other open source and free learning environments, too. Maybe you want to have a look at the following:


Shadow netWorkspace 2