Helsinki, Finland
3rd May 2002
Press release

What's new in Fle3 1.1 beta

New Fle3 - New Tools for Collaborative Knowledge Building

On 3rd May 2002 UIAH Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki released a new version of Fle3 computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) software.

The most significant revision in Fle3 1.1 beta is the new Jamming tool located next to the WebTop and the Knowledge Building tools. The Jamming tool is a shared space for collaborative construction of digital artefacts (pictures, text, audio, video). A study group may work together with some digital artefacts by simply uploading and downloading files. Versions are tracked automatically and different versions are displayed graphically. This makes it easy for users to follow the work in progress. Users may also add annotations to artefacts. When setting up a jam session the tutor may choose from two types of jam sessions; (1) "mutate on previous" or (2) "explore possibilities", giving users slightly different possibilities of making new versions.

Within the Jamming tool the new version contains several other new features and improvements to the earlier versions. The Knowledge Building tool contains two revised default "thinking type sets": (1) Progressive Inquiry, and (2) Design Thinking. The default "thinking type sets" come in English and Finnish. Teachers may also copy, edit and create new "thinking type sets" of their own. In this way users may translate "thinking type sets" to different languages.

In the new Fle3 Knowledge Building tool teachers and tutors may censor and uncensor notes, users may check who has read a note and mark all notes as read after displaying the contents of all notes in one page. A number of other minor improvements has been made both to the Knowledge Building tool and the WebTop. Naturally all known bugs were also fixed.

The Fle3 interface can be localized to native languages as needed. The new Fle3 comes with English, Finnish, Spanish, French and German user interfaces. The user may choose which user interface she wants to use.

About Fle3

Fle3 is a web-based learning environment. To be more specific Fle3 is a server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL). Fle3 is Open Source and Free Software released under GNU the General Public Licence (GPL). The licence is protecting your freedom to use, modify and distribute Fle3. Fle3 is a Zope product, written in Python. Zope is the leading Open Source application server. Zope and Fle3 run on almost all Operating Systems (Linux, MacOS X, *BSD, etc.) and Microsoft Windows.

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